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British Teams Named for Paris 2024 Olympics: Excitement in the Air

Palace of Versailles, venue for Equestiran at Paris 2024. Credit: ToucanWings, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The buzz is real! The British equestrian teams for the Paris 2024 Olympics have just been announced, and I’m started to get excited! Not only do I love watching the equestrian on the mainstage, such as the Olympics, I will actually be at Versailles, watching the Team Dressage in person!

Here’s a quick rundown of the exciting Team GB teams:

Dressage Team

Led by Performance Manager Caroline Griffith

  • Charlotte Dujardin with Carl Hester and Coral Ingham’s Imhotep (Groom: Francesca Gorni)
  • Charlotte Fry with Van Olst Horses and her own Glamourdale (Groom: Richard Hauwaerts)
  • Carl Hester with Fiona Bigwood, Mette Dahl and his own Fame (Groom: Lucy Scudamore)
  • Becky Moody with Jo Cooper and her own Jagerbomb (Groom: Kim Masson)

It’s always exciting to see the likes of Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester in the flesh, they are true legends of the sport. But for me, my focus will be on Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale! We have a 2 year old on the yard who is by Lestingdale, an exciting young son of Glamourdale.

Eventing Team

Led by Performance Manager Richard Waygood

  • Ros Canter with Archie and Michele Saul’s Lordships Graffalo (Groom: Sarah Charnley)
  • Laura Collett with Karen Bartlett, Keith Scott and her own London 52 (Groom: Tilly Hughes)
  • Yasmin Ingham with Janette Chinn and The Sue Davies Fund’s Banzai du Loir (Groom: Alison Bell)
  • Tom McEwen with James and Jo Lambert and Deirdre Johnston’s JL Dublin (Groom: Adam Short)

Our eventing team is just as impressive, if not more so. There is so much great talent to choose from that it’s almost impossible to guess who is going to make the team. But I am super excited to see Ros Canter and Lordships Graffalo make the cut. For anyone who doesn’t know, Lordships Graffalo was bred by my University and I was lucky enough to spend some time working with him as a yearling.

Show Jumping Team

Led by Performance Manager Di Lampard

  • Scott Brash with Lady Pauline Harris and Lady Pauline Kirkham’s Hello Jefferson (Groom: David Honnet)
  • Harry Charles with Ann Thompson and his own Romeo 88 (Groom: Georgia Ellwood)
  • Ben Maher with Charlotte Rossetter, Pamela Wright and his own Point Break (Groom: Derren Lake)
  • Joseph Stockdale with Joy Cocklin and Laura Stockdale’s Cacharel (Groom: Charlotte Attwell)

And the show jumping team? Wow! Scott Brash with Hello Jefferson is a combination that always delivers. Harry Charles and Romeo 88 are ones to watch, and Ben Maher on Point Break is set to wow the crowds. Joseph Stockdale with Cacharel rounds off this stellar line-up.

I can’t wait to be there, soaking up the atmosphere and cheering on our amazing athletes. Paris 2024, here we come!

Last Updated on 28/06/2024

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