About EquiPepper

EquiPepper started as my facebook page documenting my progress retraining Highland Rain for an assignment at University. The name was inspired by my Granddad James Pepper who loved his racing and racehorses. However, during the development it has become more of a place to show case my writing and skills with horses.logonowhite

When I first started this blog as part of a business assignment at University, I wanted to retrain racehorses for a living and this would be my platform to advertise myself. However, over the past year I am undecided on whether this is still the path for me. Scottie will never be up for sale, however, I have thought about buying another ex racehorse at some point to bring on with the intention to sell. It is unlikely that I would be able to make much, if any, money from doing this, but I feel that it is probably something I would like to do on the side of another career.

EquiPepper is now an award winning, popular, blog dedicated to documenting my progress with Scottie as well as sharing all kinds of interesting information with my readers. I am very proud of the progress I have made for EquiPepper and I am over the moon with the doors it has opened up to me!





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