Blog Hop

Every now and then there is an equestrian blog hop organised by Heather Wallace at the Timid Rider. The blog hop involves a group of bloggers all coming together and writing about a specific topic or taking part in a challenge together.

All the posts in this category were created as part of an equestrian blog hop. You will be able to find all other posts included in that particular blog hop at the bottom of the post.

why do horses roll? Scottie demonstrates this blogtober topic without getting cast

Tomorrow is the last day of the Blogtober challenge and since it is also Halloween, I have a special Halloween themed post planned. So I thought I would do my Blogtober round up today instead. My Blogtober Challenge I am…

new shoes for scottie after possible navicular pain scare

In case you’ve missed all the latest Scottie news, we are currently suffering with a bit of a mystery lameness. The lovely non practicing vet at my yard has been incredibly helpful and has looked at him multiple times and…