Eventing is the equestrian sport made up of three phases; dressage, show jumping and cross country. Due to most horses have a prefered phase and how quickly things can go wrong during the cross country phase, you quite often see the leader board shaken up during the competition.

Eventing is usually one day, with all phases happening on that one day. However, bigger eventing competitions happen over three days with the cross country phase being longer and more testing.

Here you can find our top eventing tips, some interesting new schooling exercises plus our behind the scenes reporting at top events such as Badminton and Burghley.

wont wait at Burghley 2019

This morning we knew the cross country phase would really shake up the rankings with the majority of the field being within 20 penalties (1 refusal) of the overnight leader Pippa Funnell. Any mistake from the leaders would be costly and likely drop them down the leaderboard. This combined with…

cross country course at badminton, the savills staircase

This has been something I have been umming and ahhing about writing as a blog post as it is just a massive rant! I love attending Badminton, it’s always a fantastic week and I love following all the action. Everyone there is absolutely lovely. But I am really frustrated by…

Badminton House

Yesterday I walked the majority of Saturday’s cross country course to get a feel for it and try to decide which areas are going to cause problems. So if you are attending on Saturday, hopefully this little guide will help you decide what bits to watch to see the most…