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Current Issues

As with any industry, especially those which involve animals, there are always issues around management, regulations and welfare. Here we aim to keep you up to date with current issues affecting the equestrian industry. From changes to racing rules, to riders actions at competitions to the horse population crisis. We aim to bring you the latest.

Public Stupidity

When it comes to horses, the general public are incredibly stupid. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t see something on social media about the general public… Read More »Public Stupidity

horse in hi vis

Hacking with HiVis

People not wearing High Visibility clothing (or Hi Vis) is a real bugbear of mine. As an industry we are currently involved in an uphill battle where we apparently need… Read More »Hacking with HiVis


Fireworks and Horses

There have been a lot of stories on equestrian social media recently about fireworks. There have been tragic accidents where horses have been spooked by nearby firework displays and more… Read More »Fireworks and Horses