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Get all the latest equine news right here. From competition results, to new laws and everything inbetween. Here at EquiPepper we like to keep up to date with the latest equine science research and think about how we can use this information to improve how we manage our horses.


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Coat Genetics

I really love genetics, especially when it comes to something complicated like coat colour, which is influenced by several genes. After a few lectures on coat genetics at University I… Read More »Coat Genetics

Designer Horses

Designer Horses?

With the Sports Horse industry adapting more and more reproductive technology from the cattle industry, can we start to consider the idea of designer horses? The sports horse industry has… Read More »Designer Horses?

The importance of horse owner education

Equine Education?

One of the key focuses here at EquiPepper is to provide information to help improve the average horse owner’s knowledge. It can be worrying how little some horse owners do… Read More »Equine Education?