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Breeding horses is exciting yet daunting! With a degree in Equine Science; Breeding and Stud Management, here we aim to bring you all the information you need to make the right decisions when it comes to breeding. With step by step guides on how to breed your mare to insightful pieces about whether breeding is the right thing for you, we have everything you need to help answer all your breeding questions.

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The Speed Gene

For those of you who follow horse racing, you might have heard about the ‘speed’ gene. Despite how it is often described, speed and racing performance is not dictated by… Read More »The Speed Gene

scottie competing in best condition

Coat Genetics

I really love genetics, especially when it comes to something complicated like coat colour, which is influenced by several genes. After a few lectures on coat genetics at University I… Read More »Coat Genetics

Designer Horses

Designer Horses?

With the Sports Horse industry adapting more and more reproductive technology from the cattle industry, can we start to consider the idea of designer horses? The sports horse industry has… Read More »Designer Horses?