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Do you have questions about your horse’s health you feel silly asking? Or does your horse have a minor problem what has you stumped? Well here at EquiPepper we aim to answer all these questions for you and give you the tools to keep your horse in tip top condition.

So whether you are looking for something to help your horse cope with vet prescribed box rest, to wanting to try some alternative herbal treatments before trying conventional treatment, we should have something for everyone. Although bare in mind that we always recommend talking to your vet about anything you are worried about before trying something else.

scottie eating ~ do horses eat meat? Feed balancer

Horses on the Hunt ~ Do horses eat meat?

We’ve all heard stories of horses helping themselves to a ham sandwich. Or have found a trampled rat in our stable. But do horses kill and eat animals?

Scottie in the stable, how do you feel about sheath cleaning

Scottie’s Sheath Cleaning

Sheath cleaning is one of those jobs which divides horse owners and vets alike. But after watching Scottie have 2 wees very close to each other, it was a job I felt I needed to do.

Scottie with his whiskers

Should you trim horses whiskers?

In the UK, trimming a horses whiskers is standard practice. But with countries banning it, should we be trimming our horses whiskers?