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Horse Humour

It doesn’t have to be all serious! While we love a bit of science and facts here at EquiPepper, we also love a bit of horse humour. Maybe a tongue in cheek comparison of breeds or what life is like as a horse owner. We all need a bit of that in our lives!

me modelling the heat rub move ~ things to do when you can't ride.

5 things to do when you can’t ride.

When your horse is out of action it can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to find something to do with your time. Here are 5 things to do when you are out of the saddle for a while.

world poetry day, Scottie and friend cantering through water

World Poetry Day

Today is world poetry day and since horses have been involved in the development of mankind since ancient times, it is no wonder that horses have featured heavily in art.… Read More »World Poetry Day