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Good nutrition is a vital building block for every horse. Whether they are a youngster, competition horse, retired companion or somewhere in between. They have different needs and it’s our job to make sure they are getting that. Here you can find all of our top tips for feeding your horse.

scottie eating ~ do horses eat meat? Feed balancer

Horses on the Hunt ~ Do horses eat meat?

We’ve all heard stories of horses helping themselves to a ham sandwich. Or have found a trampled rat in our stable. But do horses kill and eat animals?

honeychop plus herbs great for feeding the thoroughbred

Benefits of Feeding Honeychop

I have fed Scottie various chaffs in the time I have had him, from alfalfa with added oil, to low calorie molasses free options. At the time, I never had a problem with these feeds. Scottie looked good on them and he was happy. But since switching to Honeychop, I have started to notice some key differences.