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Horse Care

Looking after horses is hard work and there is always more to learn about horse care. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced horseman, you will be able to find new advice and ideas what could help you to look after your horse.  In this section you will find everything from management tips to make your life that little bit easier, to detailed articles on health conditions or injuries your horse might be suffering with. Ever wondered what the impact of nutrition or hoof shape can have on your horse? We have it covered! Consider this your hub for everything horse care.

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Designer Horses

Designer Horses?

With the Sports Horse industry adapting more and more reproductive technology from the cattle industry, can we start to consider the idea of designer horses? The sports horse industry has… Read More »Designer Horses?

The importance of horse owner education

Equine Education?

One of the key focuses here at EquiPepper is to provide information to help improve the average horse owner’s knowledge. It can be worrying how little some horse owners do… Read More »Equine Education?