world poetry day, Scottie and friend cantering through water

Today is world poetry day and since horses have been involved in the development of mankind since ancient times, it is no wonder that horses have featured heavily in art.…

honeychop plus herbs great for feeding the thoroughbred

I have fed Scottie various chaffs in the time I have had him, from alfalfa with added oil, to low calorie molasses free options. At the time, I never had a problem with these feeds. Scottie looked good on them and he was happy. But since switching to Honeychop, I have started to notice some key differences.

A white pheasant, credit Mike Pennington

On our yard each year we are haunted by a ghostly white creature which lurks next to the arena, spooking the horses. Nearly all the horses have a huge dislike of this creature and when the white pheasant appears, that part of the arena is a spook zone.

Affordable equestrian gear Photo by Ieva Vizule on Unsplash

Horse riding can be an expensive hobby and if you find that most of your money goes on caring for your horse, there’s not much left to make sure you have everything you need to ride comfortably and safely. The good news is that there are many ways you can kit yourself out with the right equestrian gear – you just need to know where to find it.