Science Bits

While owning horses isn’t a science, a huge amount of scientific research goes on behind the scenes to help us give our horses the best possible quality of life. From injury treatment, to new drugs to behaviour studies we pick out the most useful science bits to share with you here.

So if you have a bit of spare time to read through some of the research or if you have a burning a question. You should be able to find some really interesting snippets of science here. Can you use this new information to make positive changes to your horse?

scottie grazing, when to worm your horse

Horses nearly always have a worm burden, meaning they nearly always have some parasitic worms in their digestive system. Controlling the worm burden is very important as a major worm burden can impact the health of your horse. It could…

horses play fighting

Over recent years our understanding of how and why animals play has improved massively. I was watching a documentary recently about animal play. It showed how many animals have their favourite play mates and that their age and sex could…