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Here you can find all the updates specifically about me and what I am up to out of the saddle and with EquiPepper.

top 20 equestrian blogs

Top 20 Equestrian Blogs of 2019

In case you missed it on our social media, this week I received a really exciting email out the blue telling me EquiPepper had been selected as one of Sparpedia’s Top 20 Equestrian Blogs of 2019!

About me wearing one of my winter warmers, the heat rub ultimate.. Perfect for looking after horses while recovering from illness.

Horses Stop For No Man ~ How to survive illness as a horse owner

Unlike non horsey folk, we don’t get to hide in bed for days on end when we are ill. We have to carry on battling with the elements. But here are my top tips for looking after horses with an illness so you can get back to your best as soon as possible.

Scottie eating hay in the field such a foodie


Hi everyone, I know I’ve been a bit inactive recently so I thought I would just catch you all up. Scottie is still on rest after his vet visit. He… Read More »AWOL