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Show Jumping

Show jumping is one of the most common equestrian sports due to its accessibilty. It holds a bit more excitment than dressage, especially for younger and guttsier riders. But with there being show jumping compeitions of different levels all over the country, it is also really easy to get involved.

Whether you enjoy visiting your local competition venue for a clear round class or if you’re on the international circuit, show jumping is quick and easy to understand. You jump the jumps, trying to leave them all up and often in the quickest time. The scoring systems can change class to class, but the basics stay the same.

In this section you will find everything from new pole and jump exercises to give you and your horse something new to think about as well as industry news and competition results.

jumping big cross country fence

New Olympic Rules

I’ve just been having a read of the changes to be made to Equestrian sports at the Tokyo (and probably future) Olympics and it was definitely worth a post! Now… Read More »New Olympic Rules