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Competition Results

I started EquiPepper around the same time I first started competing my Highland Rain, AKA Scottie. Originally this section would document all of our competition results together. But since his injury has meant that we will not be competing again, I still want to be able to share these results with you.

I also now have shares in some racehorses who have been running really well recently. So I thought it would be a good place to also share their results too.

scottie doing dressage canter photo

Scottie's Results

Our Current Goals:

  • Intro & Prelim Dressage
  • Long Reining Dressage
scottie trotting in rehab, do you feed before riding

Jump Racing Results


  • Paris Dixie
  • Chez Hans
  • Wouldubewell
Chez Hans

Flat Racing Results


  • Asdaa
  • Genesius
asdaa at 2nd at chelmsford

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