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EquiPepper VIP

A huge part of what we love about EquiPepper is our loyal followers who have been with us from the very start of the journey. You are the ones who have read and shared our posts, nominated and voted for us in awards, and you are the ones who have always left lovely comments when we have had a set back. I wanted to give you the chance to feel like a VIP while supporting us going forward.

Introducing EquiPepper VIP

EquiPepper VIP is a new paid membership for anyone who wants to help us keep doing what we are doing, and do it better. 

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Exclusive Benefits!

As a EquiPepper VIP you get access to some fantastic benefits, just for you! These perks are constantly evolving as we listen to what you think is needed too!

  • Free downloadable products
  • Never miss out on offers from great brands we work with
  • Be the first to hear about & give us feedback on new projects

How to sign up?

Signing up is easy. Just click this link and click join for just £5 a month. You will then get regular updates with everything we are doing & all your member exclusive perks. 

We understand that not everyone is in a position to comit to a membership, especially in the correct environment! But you can also support us in other ways by following this link.