Welcome to our goals page where you can find my goals for the rest of the current year (2017.) I keep this page updated by crossing off goals we have achieved and adding new goals (if necessary) throughout the year. Many of the goals are on going to help keep me focused on what I should be doing!

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~ try and work on slightly different things every time I school because Scottie likes learning new things
~ get into a better routine for riding/lunging during the week after work
~ aim to have lessons at least every other month
~ get trailer license

~ don’t lose outline in transitions and changes in bend
~ score 70% in an Intro test
~ score 70% or win a prelim test
~ continue working on novice movements
~ start to have an outline in canter
~ enter our first novice test
~ score 60% at novice level
~ score 65% at novice level
~ have better bend in canter
~ show better stretch in the free walk

~ try to jump at least once a month, even if only a cross pole in the middle of our flat schooling
~ compete at 65cm+ at a show
~ compete at 75cm+ at a show
~ go to a show without having a refusal in the ring
~ go cross country schooling
~ have a jumping lesson or clinic away from home
~ attempt our first ODE or Hunter trial

~ post at least 3 times a week consistently
~ research what my readers want to see more of
~ do more projects with other bloggers and companies
~ reach 3000 views a month
~ have 500 likes on Facebook
~ have 200 followers on Instagram
~ reach 500 followers on Instagram
~ have 800 followers on Twitter
~ reach 1000 followers on Twitter

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