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Guest Writing

Guest writing or guest blogging can be a fantastic way to reach a new audience and increase traffic to your own blog or website.

So what is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when you have one of your blog posts published on someone else’s blog with a link back to your own blog.

Why should you be interested in guest blogging?

Guest blogging means new people will see your work and hopefully follow the link to read more of your posts on your own website. This increases traffic to your website and can increase your blog followers.

Does EquiPepper allow guest blogs?

Yes! Here at EquiPepper we love to post new and interesting content from other bloggers. Not only are we supporting new bloggers, but we are also offering more content to our growing audience. You can find all the guest blogs on EquiPepper here.

How does EquiPepper share guest blogs?

All guest blogs get the same marketing as every other EquiPepper post, being shared on our Facebook page and Twitter account. The more interesting and better performing posts (high number of views) will also be used for features such as our weekly #ThrowbackThursday post across social media.

Does EquiPepper have any requirements for guest blogs?

We do have a few rules for guest blogs here at EquiPepper. The post has to be something we think our readers will enjoy reading and find interesting. To protect our brand and audience, any product heavy content or posts from companies must be approved before submitting a final draft. But you can read our full guidelines here.

How do I get a guest blog on EquiPepper?

If you are interested in guest blogging with EquiPepper please get in contact with us. It helps if you already have in mind a few topics you would like to write about. But this isn’t too important.