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Have you seen us?

I get out with Scottie quite a bit and we go all over the place. However, I am not always able to have another pair of hands with me to take photos. Therefore this page is dedicated to those of you who may have unknowingly taken a photo or two of me and Scottie.

If you have been to any of the following places the same day and think you may have a photo or have anything to say about it, please contact me using the Contact Us page.

August 15/16/17th 2015
Holme/Hunstanton/Thornon beaches
I was there every day for these three days at different times of day. I was with another black horse and a chestnut pony. We also had a white and brown spaniel with us for a lot of this time.
I did see a few people taking some photos of us while on the beach!

August 13/14/15
Thetford Forest
I didn’t see anyone with a camera here. But if you happen to have a photo of a chestnut, black horse and chestnut pony please contact me!

August 6th
Milton Keynes Event Centre
Cross Country Course
We would have been there around 3.30/4pm. Again it was Scottie and a black horse for the majority. Although we joined another two horses for a while.

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