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You might have seen on some of my other blog posts a link to my gaming account. After stumbling across and reviewing a new horse game on the market, my partner has encouraged me to start up my own gaming stream alongside my blog EquiPepper. 

 Now a lot of this content won’t be that relevant to you guys at all! There is only a handful of horse related games currently on the market, so I will be covering a few other games too, basically anything I enjoy. I’m not going to assume that all my lovely readers also enjoy gaming! So I have started up under the name P4nicRuby.

However, there will be a special playlist on my YouTube account dedicated to some of the horse related games. Plus some of you may well be interested! So I just wanted to let you all know what this is, why it is appearing and where you can find more if you would like to!

Mixer – P4nicRuby

YouTube Playlist –  P4nicRuby Gaming