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Past Horses who shaped Me

Although there are many horses I rode over the years and made me the rider who I am today, there are 3 that really stand out in my memory as playing a major role in how I ride and behave around horses. I therefore wanted there to be an area on here which recognised these horses.

But first, I feel a brief over view into how I came into horses is needed. Although my Granddad loved his horse racing, my family is very non-horsey. Therefore, my first experience of horse riding was at a local riding school at the age of 6. I rode here religiously every week for a good 7-8 years. I rode all kinds of horses, often being given the naughty ones. I loved it and had lots of experience in pony club, jumping and dressage during these years. I truly believe that during this time I really was a very good rider and rode some very interesting horses very well.

However, around the age of 13, I started helping a family friend with some horses. He had always had horses when he was younger, but his sons weren’t particularly interested. This is when I met Pink Gin aka Ginny. She was my first experience of what having my own horse would be like. I had a real bond with her and took my first steps into natural horsemanship with her and generally had a great time doing all the things a young teenager would want to do with a pony.



The next choice came along a few years later, at the yard next to where Ginny was kept. I had a few friends at this yard as Ginny had been there for a while. There was a small thoroughbred owned by a jockey there called Angel. She was on a full livery agreement with the yard owner as her owner was away most of the time training to be a jockey. She wasn’t having much done with her, so someone suggested I see how I get on with her. I loved her. She was so gentle in the stable. However, she had some interesting, stallion like, behaviour and when it came to riding, she was just plain odd. She wasn’t nasty, or mean, it was just a case of this is how the world works in Angel’s world. She was the first of three thoroughbred mares to teach me to be sympathetic and diplomatic with my riding.



My work with Angel built the relationship with the yard owner, Niky, who owns the yard Scottie lives at while I’m home. After Angel moved on, I was then offered a share in Niky’s interesting thoroughbred mare, Foxy. Foxy was an ex racehorse who had not had the best starts to life after racing. However, Niky took her in and gave her a great life. But she definitely wasn’t a novice ride and really wasn’t for everyone. She was very particular and could have real tantrums. She did teach me some bad habits, however, I feel she really changed my style of riding for the better, making me quiet and sensitive unless I need to put my foot down. I shared her for many years and I’m so glad I had the chance to enjoy her.


There are a few other horses I may add on soon. But these three definitely deserve to be here! If you know or knew any of them, I would love to hear from you.

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