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Here at EquiPepper we love working with new people and we offer a range of services depending on your individual needs.


Do you have a new product you want to promote? Or want to market your brand to a new equestrian audience? Then sponsoring content with EquiPepper could be the perfect solution for you.

Whether it is reviewing your product, running a give away, writing a feature on your brand or sharing some of your own content, every effort is made to maximize the reach. All our packages include a blog post which is shared to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and goes out in our weekly email newsletter to our EquiPepper VIPs. We also have plenty of extra services which can be added to your package to help support your campaign.

For product reviews we also share a lot of photos of the product being put through it’s paces on our Instagram. Even once the review is finalized and our work is “done” we continue to use and photograph products we love and let our loyal followers know where they can find them.

Please email to find out more information on our packages and services.

Browse some examples of our previous sponsored posts here.

essential oils

*Please note that all sponsored content will need to be clear to the reader that it has been sponsored. In product reviews this tends to be an introductory line explaining that we received the product to review. For other content types *partnered* will be included in the post title. Any links back to the company must also be No Follow links due to Google’s policy on paying for back links for SEO.

Non Commercial

If you are not a company, ie: a fellow blogger looking for a way to reach a new audience, then guest blogging on EquiPepper could be for you! Find out more about why guest blogging could benefit you and our guidelines for blogging on EquiPepper.

Other Writing Services

As well as providing sponsored content here on EquiPepper, we can also provide Freelance work for your business. Some of the services we provide include:

* Blog Content
* Editorial, Advertorial, Features for websites, magazines, newsletters etc
* Press Releases
* Event Reports
* Social Media Content
* Case Studies
* Product Reviews
* Interviews
* Design

Own photo of my article in Equine Health magazine.

Please contact us for more information on working with us here at EquiPepper.

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