Step by Step Guide to Buying Your First Horse

buying your first horse

Buying a horse can be a minefield. Don’t let your horsey dream become a night-mare!

If you come from a non-horsey family, then it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to buying your first horse. You may not know where to look or what to expect from the process. You will have probably also heard many horror stories about people thinking they are buying perfect ponies, just to bring home un-rideable horses.

This step by step guide tells you everything you need to know about buying a horse. From the very beginning of deciding if you can fit a horse into your lifestyle and thinking about what type of horse you need, to what to do when you first bring your horse home. Plus an insight of what you can expect to happen every step of the way.

If you are thinking about buying your first horse, then this book is exactly what you need! 

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This fantastic guide is available on amazon in both paperback and kindle forms. If you have Kindle Unlimited it is even free to download!

Reader Reviews


A really easy to follow guide to buying your first horse, also helpful for those who have not bought a horse for a while. Explains all the finer details such as vettings in a simple, easy to understand way. Also goes further into what to do when you get your new horse home, and what to think about before you decide to buy a horse. Really useful tips on narrowing down your search for your first/new horse.


I have followed Ruby of Equipepper for a couple of years now. I completely trust her extensive knowledge and abilities with horses, especially with her Equine science background. I was so thrilled to have found out that she had written this book about buying your first horse!

I found this guide to not only be helpful on a practical level, but also on a personal level. Ruby understands the desires and challenges of buying your first horse while not being fully surrounded by equine-knowledgeable people. She thoroughly explains how to properly search for a horse, what to look for during the hunting process, and, most importantly, how to give your new horse the best care possible. Highly recommend this read for anyone who is just looking for some holistic guidance in buying their first horse


Straightforward and pragmatic guide to buying. Useful lists of questions to ask and things to watch out for. Also helpful is the section on settling your horse in which is key to starting on the right foot (or hoof!)

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