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Scottie is my first horse and is an ex racehorse who raced with the name Highland Rain. He was the inspiration behind starting EquiPepper and has been the driving force ever since. I come up with many of our posts by writing about what we are doing, something we have been struggling with or something I have learnt as a result of owning him. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

He is a happy chappy who wants to please. Despite our goals being eventing, a few unlucky injuries have meant that our competition goals have been sidelined, possibly forever. But our current aim is to get back to roughly where we were and see what else we can do.

Scottie has suffered a set back

A Bump In The Road

Scottie has been looking and feeling incredible, especially since his steroid injection. Every ride has felt better than the last. He is working over his back and pushing from behind.… Read More »A Bump In The Road