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Terms and Conditions


1.1 All information provided on EquiPepper is to the best of our knowledge correct and we strive to back this up with evidence. However, science is always evolving and sometimes information becomes outdated.

1.2 For some of the topics we cover, there is no real evidence to back up these facts. In these cases we try to make it clear that this is theory and opinion.

1.3 We have no veterinary/farriery qualifications. So while we may provide possible solutions to common problems with your horse, you should always seek advice from your vet or farrier if you have a concern.

2. Content

2.1 Unless otherwise stated, all written content is produced by EquiPepper or 3rd parties we are working with. This could be bloggers, companies and writers.

2.2 The majority of images on EquiPepper are our own. However, we do also use stock images or images given to us as the press. In these cases there will be credit given either in the caption or in the alternative text, depending on the terms of the owner.

2.3 We sometimes include embedded content from social media sites from other users. We are allowed to use these through each platforms own terms and conditions. However, if the owner is unhappy with the use, we always remove them from our content.

3. Your Data

3.1 We do occasionally use your data to improve user experience. You can find full details of our data use in our Privacy Policy.

4. Competitions

4.1 We do occasionally run competitions across our social media platforms and email lists. These all follow the below terms and conditions unless stated otherwise.

4.1.1 EquiPepper reserves the right to cancel the competition at any point.

4.1.2 There will be no cash prize or alternative prize given.

4.1.3 Winners will be selected at random.

4.1.4 Any information and images provided as part of the competition will not be saved or shared without your permission. But your name and/or social handle may be announced as the winner.

4.2 All our competitions are free to enter unless otherwise stated.

5. Advertising

5.1 We do have adverts on EquiPepper in the form of banners, sponsored posts and affiliate links.

5.2 All sponsored posts and affiliate links are for companies and products we think will be of interest to you.

5.3 Some of our banner adverts are also selected by us based on what we think you will be interested in.

5.4 Other banner adverts are provided by Google Adsense.

6. EquiPepper VIP

6.1 To join EquiPepper VIP you must sign up via our sign up page.

6.2 We run our email list within the GDPR guidelines and you are able to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

6.3 EquiPepper VIP is open to people world wide. However, some of the Free Gifts and Competitions are only available in the UK.

6.4 There is no charge for joining EquiPepper VIP.

6.5 EquiPepper VIP aims to bring you weekly emails and monthly exclusive blog posts. However, the frequency of these emails may change at any time without warning.

6.6 While we only want to send you a weekly email, we may also email you with exclusive news, offers or to ask you to update your preferences.