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Magnoease Magnetic Stable Wraps Review

Magnetic therapy boots for Scottie to help his lameness

Just before Christmas I was sent a pair of magnetic stable wraps from Equine-Innovations to review. This turned out to be perfect timing as Scottie’s lameness had just resurfaced too. I have been using them alongside my magnetic over reach boots and seem to be getting good results.

About the magnetic wraps

These wraps come in pairs and contain 28 magnets each. This means there is a good magnetic field around the limb while remaining comfortable to wear. They are also a very soft cosy material, but they don’t slide down Scottie’s legs or get all the bedding stuck to them.

Easy to use

They are incredibly easy to use. There is a bit of velcro on the first layer of the wrap, which means you can secure the magnetic layer in place before continuing with the next layer. The for bits of velcro on the outer layer means you can also get the perfect fit to your horse’s leg.

I have been using these over night as part of Scottie’s treatment for his tendon injury. While it’s too hard to tell if these boots have had a direct effect on his injury, they have helped prevent his legs from swelling when he has been in for a long period of time. Even his back legs have been swelling less despite them not having the boots on. So that seems to be a positive sign for improving circulation!

The only small issue I have is that they seem to be a tad big for Scottie. We have the smallest size and they just seem to be a tad big for him. They are perfectly safe to use, I could just do with them being an inch shorter. Also, Scottie’s left boot seems to be a tad bigger than the right boot. As if I do the velcro up to the same place it is baggier on the left leg. But then maybe Scottie has odd legs! Despite this tiny issue, they are a very good pair of boots, especially for the price!

Wondering if magnetic therapy really works? Or want to have a better understanding of the science behind it? The read my post Magnetic Therapy Explained.

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