The best patterned horse rugs on the market

The best patterned horse rugs
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Gone are the days of lugging wet and heavy New Zealand rugs around. The rug market has evolved! Not only do we have the technology to create lightweight and waterproof rugs for every type of weather condition, we also have lots of patterns, designs and styles to choose from. While the features and fit of a rug is the most important thing when choosing a rug for your horse, the design is what draws you in. For me, I love the patterned horse rugs, the brighter the better!

Patterned horse rugs ~ My picks

If, like me, your heart is captured by the best patterned horse rugs, then these are some of my favourite patterned rugs available on the market. Some patterns were limited editions. But the brand continues to make the same rug but with a new pattern each season. So the features of the rug are still the same, the pattern might just be new!

Top turnout rugs

There is now a pattern for everyone! For years there have been smart check, tartan and stripe type patterns in fairly neutral and grown up colours. But now there is also bright and out there patterns! These are what really catch my eye.

Ponyo ~ Juicy Watermelon

This is one of my new rugs and I just LOVE it! Not only is the watermelon pattern incredible, it has so far stood up to Scottie rolling in the field. But it also comes in a variety of weights and sizes. I have it as a 0g and I am impressed. Other 0gs I have bought at a similar but maybe £10-£20 cheaper feel a lot more flimsy and just don’t stand up to heavy showers. This not only does the job better, it also comes with a detachable neck as standard! You can read my full review here.

Ponyo turnout rug watermelon, patterned horse rugs
Can you tell this is after rolling?

Shires Tempest Original ~ Dog print (Old Style)

This was one of my first out there patterned horse rugs. It was totally a case of needing a new 0g but not really looking for one yet. Then I saw this on the shelf! It really is a great rug. I like the fit, I like the pattern, it held up well for the price of £40. My only issue was the not coming with a neck or even clips to add a neck. You can read my full review here.

Unfortunately this particular pattern was only for the year. But shires continue to release their Tempest and Highlander rugs with a good pattern option each year.

shires tempest turnout with dog print, patterned horse rugs

Ponyo ~ Tiger Tiger

The Tiger Tiger rug from Ponyo is essentially exactly the same as their Juicy Watermelon. The only difference is the pattern ~ which looks cracking on a chestnut! In my case, I also went with a 50g weight. Scottie hasn’t worn it too much yet, but I imagine it will be just as good and the double lock velcro front already makes it better than the other 50g we have! I really do think that Ponyo is a great place to go for patterned horse rugs!

ponyo tiger tiger patterned horse rugs

Premier Equine ~ Adonis Stratus (Old Style)

This was my first and only Premier Equine rug and it has been fantastic. This is a 100g and for many winters was the only rug Scottie really wore. It’s hard wearing, durable and waterproof. It is heavy, but I think that just makes it more durable and waterproof! While it is a more expensive rug, I can’t fault it. The only real reason I’ve never bought a second Premier Equine is they seem to have stopped doing patterns and I have found similar quality rugs what do!

As mentioned, this pattern isn’t being sold anymore. In fact Premier Equine seem to have stopped patterns altogether. But it is a cracking rug and think I just needed a mention.

premier equine 100g turnout, patterned horse rugs

Funky Fly Rugs

Fly rugs no longer have to be boring white! A few years ago zebra print started to make an appearance based on research suggesting that flies are put off by zebra stripes. But it’s not just zebra stripes available now, there are plenty of patterned fly rugs on the market.

Loveson ~ Zebra

I’ve been through a few of these over the years. They aren’t too durable and will tear. But I think it was only £20 when I bought my first one and would easily do a summer or two. Which when he was being turned out in herds with young, playful horses, was all I wanted!

Scottie in zebra rug

Ponyo ~ Happy Pineapple

I have always struggled to find a fly rug for Scottie. I’ve never had major problems with them but I just knew there could always be something better out there. Who would have thought the best fitting fly rug would be covered in funky pineapples? Plus you can buy a matching fly mask people! You can read my full review here.

Ponyo Happy Pineapple fly rug, patterned horse rugs

Stylish stable rugs

The trend for stable rugs is to be solid colours, maybe some checks or stripes. But on the whole, they are neutral colours and a bit boring.

Rambo Newmarket Fleece

I grew up visiting racing yards with my Granddad and seeing horses in the yellow Newmarket rugs. While it is far from out there, it is just a must have for me.

Scottie in Newmarket rug

Snuggy Hoods Jams

For me, these funky patterned stable rugs are what made Snuggy Hoods as a brand. I got this set quite early on into owning Scottie and while it gets limited use, it is hands down one of my favourite things! Sadly it looks like the jams might have been discontinued as I can’t see them online anymore. But I am hoping they come back in time for winter! You can read my full review here.

snuggy hood jams

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