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Ponyo WaterProof Fly Rug Review

ponyo waterproof fly rug flamingo

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For years I have been saying Scottie needed a waterproof fly rug but never bought one. But when Ponyo Horsewear announced their new fly rug patterns this year and that they would be releasing them all as both mesh and waterproof fly rugs, I had to have one.

Why a waterproof fly rug?

Scottie can be cold backed and I like to try and keep the rain off of his back, especially when I am planning to ride. But in the warmer months, even in the rain it can be too hot for him to wear his 0g turnout rug. So I have nothing to try and keep him dry. For me, a waterproof fly rug is the perfect solution. It’s light and cool but also has the waterproof topline to keep the rain off of his back.

Same great features

Last year I bought a mesh fly rug from Ponyo. It looks like the new mesh & waterproof fly rugs this year have followed the same design, meaning they still have all the great features I loved.

  • Nice long neck
  • 3 strap belly flap
  • Mane protecting lining
  • Double lock velcro
  • Leg straps and/or fillet string
  • Nice long tail flap
  • Same strong materials

I wouldn’t like to admit how many fly rugs Scottie has destroyed over the years. But the mesh material from Ponyo has stood the test of time with last years fly rug being a bit muddy but in perfect working order! The waterproof fly rug combines this strong mesh with their durable turnout rug material I love. The sign of a very sturdy fly rug.

ponyo flamingo waterproof fly rug pattern

Funky Flamingo pattern

As always, one of the highlights of Ponyo rugs is the incredible pattern! I went for the Flamingo pattern for Scottie, it’s similar colours to his Watermelon turnout rug, so I knew the colour combination would work well on him. But I was also really tempted by the Oh My Mermaid and the Happy Avo patterns. The Panda Pals was also adorable, but I try not to put Scottie in that much pink!

More matching fly masks

Last year, you could buy a matching fly mask for your fly rug. This is the same again this year! You now have 2 options for fly masks; mesh or lycra. The mesh is an improvement on last years design. It should be a better fit and is made from tougher materials. It also gives improved UV protection, a removable nose flap and a forelock hole. The lycra mask offers a closer fit, perfect for those who don’t get on with mesh masks. It comes with a strong but soft to touch mesh over the eyes and a forelock hole.

Scottie has 3 fly masks. We don’t need a new fly mask to match with flamingo rug…

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

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Last Updated on 24/06/2022

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