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Balsamic Control Review ~ Respiratory Supplement from Audevard

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When I was sent Ekygard+ to review, I was also sent the Balsamic Control to try. You may have seen me write about it before, but Scottie seems to get an occasional cough. It’s not all the time and when he does have it, it is just at the start of faster exercise such as trotting.

Normal cough remedies do little for Scottie

I have tried all the normal things to help improve a cough; soaking hay, changing bedding, feeding off the floor etc. But none of them really make a difference. The cough comes and goes on and off throughout the year and if we go away to camp/shows, he is usually a lot better. So I am convinced it must be some sort of allergy to something at/around the yard at certain times of the year.

But because I know Scottie has this issue, I am always keen to try new respiratory supplements to see if there is anything what will help him during flare ups. This is why I was excited to get the opportunity to review Balsamic Control.

Balsamic Control

Balsamic Control is designed to give your horse respiratory comfort from irritants such as dust and pollen. Containing 4 key ingredients (nigella, lemon, eucalyptus & garlic) it is designed to support your horse’s respiratory system. It can be used purely for flare ups or during times of higher risk (increased workload, more travelling, dustier environments.) But it can also be fed year round if that is what your horse needs.

How did Scottie respond to Balsamic Control?

I think it is always so hard to give a definite answer on the results of feeding supplements. I always accept the offer to review supplements really hoping I see a big improvement. Sadly that has never the case.

Scottie was fed Balsamic Control for about a month. He was having a bit of a flare up with his cough when I started feeding it. He was also in some light work, mostly walking and some trotting. While I can’t say I saw a huge improvement in Scottie’s cough after trying this supplement, I do think it helped.

I don’t think Scottie coughed as often or as many coughs as he would during a flare up without feeding this supplement. It didn’t stop the cough completely, but I do think it made him more comfortable, which I think is all you can ask for really. It’s certainly a supplement I would buy if Scottie has a bad flare up in the future.

Balsamic Control is available from VioVet, where I buy all my supplements. But I’m sure other websites and stores stock it too.

Last Updated on 13/01/2023

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